Get on the Waitlist

We are opening our first waitlist on September 1, 2021 @ 6pm PST.  There will be 400 slots available.  If you follow us, then you know these slots will fill up fast! Like under 5 minutes fast!

How to get on the list

On 9/1/21 our site will reopen for Waitlist orders only. We will accept the first 400 pre-orders to join the waitlist!  (payment is due 9/1/2021)

The waitlist is for those that do not mind waiting an extended period of time for their order to arrive. These orders will ship October 1 - March 30, 2022.

Custom Requests?

Yes, during this release you can request customizations in notes at checkout. If you are worried you will not have enough time at check out, we get it!  You may also email us ( with your custom requests after you place your order, make sure to include your order confirmation number in the subject line.
Customizations are an additional charge that will need to paid by invoice after you place your order.

*If you are only requesting a shade change, please use notes at checkout and write shade 1,2,3, or 4


Waitlist Preorder FAQs

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept PayPal and credit card payments via Stripe

Q: Are you accepting custom orders?
A: Yes, custom orders are an additional fee. Custom requests are available for existing orders only. This means you must place your order first and then email your customization requests to Make sure to include your order number in the subject line. Only custom order emails with confirmation order numbers will be honored. Once we receive your requests you will receive an invoice which will need to be paid  before we ship your order. 
*You can also add your requests to notes at checkout.

Q: I want to place a custom order. Can I email you my custom requests after I place my order? I am worried I will not be fast enough to add to notes at checkout before you sell out.
A: Ahh! we understand your frustration. Yes :) We prefer that you put your shade change request in notes at checkout, but you may email orders@harperiman.comwith your additional custom requests after you place your order. Make sure to include your confirmation order number in the subject line.

Q: If we are unsuccessful in getting a doll, will there be another release this year?
A: No, this release will keep us busy through the end of 2021. But, we have some BIG news to share with you soon!

Q: Will I receive my order before Christmas?
A: Possibly. This preorder is for those that do not mind waiting an extended period of time for their order. Orders will ship October 1 - March 30, 2022. 

Q: Can I pay the rush fee?
A: Yes, however the rush fee will only guarantee that your order will ship on or before December 1st. Rushed order slots are limitedIf you would like to add the rush fee ($45 USD) to your order, please email to request the rush fee and make sure to include your confirmation order number in the subject line.

Q: Will the astronaut suit accessory be available ? 
A: Yes, the astronaut accessory may be requested $45 additional fee while supplies last. For those looking for only the astronaut accessory, it will be listed on our website September 2nd.

Q:Do you ship internationally?
A: We currently ship USPS Priority($15 USD) within the US and Canada via UPS ($50 USD).
We have received USPS priority mail express shipping estimates for UK ($77 USD), Belgium ($72 USD), and Australia ($82 USD). PLEASE NOTE: orders being delivered to these destinations may incur and additional charge after order is placed depending on the actual shipping costs. You may receive an invoice for the price difference prior to shipping your order.

Q: Are glasses available to be added as an accessory? 
A: Yes, via custom order. You may request glasses in the notes section at checkout, black or red. We will send an invoice prior to shipping for $7 USD

Q: Can I request a different shade later if I forget at checkout?
A: Yes, however- requesting shade change during checkout is a guarantee. Requesting changes after your order has already been placed is NOT guaranteed. 

Q: Can we change the color of the hair?
A: This is a custom request and is not guaranteed. You may request in notes, however this depends on material availability. Color of hair should be requested by using the name of an existing doll on our website. [For example, Aiko doll, Tomiko hair(color), Chloe hairstyle.]
*please refer to the order a custom doll tab on our website for more info.

Q: Will doll accessories be available?
A: Yes, accessories will be available for purchase Thursday September 2nd.

Q: Is there only 1 boy option? 
A: Currently we are only making Mason. Jackson will be available upon custom request. Additional fee will apply.
Also, please keep in mind--Jackson's hairstyle is ONLY recommended for dolls that will sit on shelves. The hair is loose yarn and will lose the definition of the yarn if played with.

Q: I forgot to add a gift box to my order, can I still add one?
A: Yes, as long as your order has not shipped yet, you may add a gift box to your order by using the gift box add-on listing to make your purchase. At checkout, add your order confirmation number to the notes section. 

Q: I already received my doll. Can I just purchase a gift box?
A: Yes, however gift boxes purchased separately will have a shipping fee. $15 for the gift box + $12 for shipping. You may purchase here by selecting "gift box only".