Custom dolls start at $90 (Keepsake), $99 (BabyDoll), $105 (TeaParty). Clothing (top and bottom or 1 piece outfit), & shoe (standard bootie or sneaker) included. (Accessories are additional. Including but not limited to (hair option- kinky twists and custom), custom sports uniforms, backpacks, jackets, animal print shoe, custom shoes).  

For outfit change only

You can order a custom  doll by name (refer to site for names) and we will make her for you. (for example: Marie doll, with Talia outfit). 

For additional customizations

You can customize by doing the following: 

1. choosing the doll by name (refer to our website)  

2. choose your customizations (changes to the doll you chose in step 1) 

  a) linen color

  b) eye shape, round with lashes, happy/smiling, triangle closed. (refer to doll names listed on the site for reference)

  c) hair style. Please refer to listings on site to choose by name. (custom hairstyle available upon request. i.e. two afro puffs, with pink ribbon OR you may attach a photo for reference with your order)

  d) custom outfit request


 *We will try to accommodate clothing request if you have a special request. 

Turnaround is ready to ship in 10-14 business days of purchase. All dolls ship priority for an additional $10 at checkout. 

If you would like to place a custom order,  please provide us with all of the details based on the customizations you would like to ( and we will create a listing for you on our site so that you may place your order. 

SEND AS A GIFT* Our dolls do not ship in gift boxes, however, we now offer gift boxes by request. ($10 additional) If you would like your doll to arrive in a gift box, make sure to add a gift box to your custom order request, along with a custom note for the recipient.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

- HarperIman